Updated:  Sept 17th, 2014

Residency:  My Republican opponent is trying to claim I don't live in the District.  It's a completely unfounded allegation.   

For the record:  I lived at 505 Desert Lane #20 LV, NV 89106 from Jan 15th, 2014 until Sept 5th, 2015. I moved into district well before the required 30 days before candidate filing. I moved into the two bedroom apartment with an old friend, put electric and cable in my name, paid half of the rent, completed mail forwarding with US Post Office, and spent every day and night there until about mid July. From mid-July until mid August I traveled some and spent about 50% of my time there because my housemate's girlfriend moved in.  We had a verbal lease agreement and I was unaware if my housemate ever reported my residency to the apartment manager or not.  I changed voter registration but did not change my drivers license because I was unsure how long I would stay at this address. I moved into my new apartment, more centrally located in the district, at 5001 O'bannon Dr. #45 LV NV 89146 on Sept 5th and changed my DL address accordingly.  Stop by and say hello. 

I won the Democrat Primary in strong Democrat District so I have very good chance of winning the General Election in November. My sincerest thanks to all the Democrats who believed in me and voted for me in the Democrat Primary.  Now, I look forward to winning the hearts, minds, trust, and confidence of ALL the people and properly representing everyone in Assembly District 10 (AD10).

State laws affect your everyday life much more than you can imagine.  Like how much tax the gaming and mining industry, you, and small business owners pay.  How much money is available for social programs, education, the elderly, child care services, public transportation, housing and health care; money for the public defender’s office to defend accused persons if they can’t afford a lawyer, laws that affect equality, gun control, school safety, and almost anything you can think of are all decided by the state.  

My Republican opponent in the General Election seems to be a worthy opponent and fine American.  However, she might be  too far right, even for Republicans.  For example, she took the no tax pledge which any true statesman or knowledgeable politician knows is just not practical and unrealistic.  Nevada requires a two third or supermajority to pass any law that taxes any individual or entity.  That should work just fine to control taxes. 

Winning the Democrat Primary like I did, proves I know what I'm doing and enough voters were convinced or confident I'm the right guy for the job.  I demonstrated my work ethic, knowledge, efficiency, effectiveness, sincerity, charm, and personality by defeating two worthy opponents who probably outspent me two to one.  

My father died when I was 16 and I have been working and taking care of my family ever since.  I put myself through college while working 40 hours a week, earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business (1985) then completed Navy Officer Candidate School to become an officer in the Navy. I deployed three times with my last deployment on an aircraft carrier in the Arabian see providing air support over Afghanistan after 9/11. I’ve worked as a home construction foreman, a claims adjuster for a large insurance company, a mortgage loan officer, and even drove Taxi during the recession. Then, I used my VA educational benefits to go to UNLV and get a degree in Political Science (Aug 2014). Now, I’m a licensed REALTOR® and have a few business endeavors.  

I've waited patiently, worked, and gained valuable life experiences for close to 30 years of BEFORE trying to become a politician and make decisions for society.  I'm NOT a career politician and I’ve paid my dues by walking in the shoes of those I intend to represent I hope to earn your respect and vote and win I win this election I will be honored to represent you.

I firmly believe we need income equality (increase minimum wage and get rid of our current right-to-exploit labor laws), and racial, gender, and sexual orientation equality. We need good education for our children and we need to properly compensate good teachers. The starting salary should be at least $45,000 per year. We need good paying jobs and opportunities to help people break the bond of poverty and move more people from the working class to the middle class.  We need social programs to take care of those in our society who need our help. We need justice for ALL - not just those with money. We need more programs to assist the elderly like free dental for fixed income seniors.  I was raised to respect my elders and will fight to make sure no elderly person has to live in fear or worry about food, clothing, shelter, or health care.  If I have to tax profitable wealthy corporations, the younger generation, and push for a State Lottery to get the money, I will.  

A little over 50 years ago, one of our greatest presidents, John F. Kennedy, said, “if a free society cannot help the many who are poor it cannot save the few who are rich” and “ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your county”.   I think about these words of wisdom regularly. How far we have come and how much work we have to do.  I do not shrink from this responsibility -     I welcome it. 

Please vote for me and send me to the state legislature to get to work for us.  Do it for yourself.  I'm the right person for the job. Back in the day people had to suffer and die fighting for the right to have a say in how they were governed. Today, all we have to do is vote.  

And finally, please call me if you have any questions or would just like to sit at your table, have a cup of coffee, and get acquainted.   

Early voting starts Saturday October 18th. If you need to update your voter registration please click links below.  



Sincerely, with hopes and dreams for our great state and country,

Thank you ! 


Jesse "Jake" Holder    

Democrat for Nevada State Assembly District 10. A person of the people with passion for the people. More can be done with less! Your vote will prove it!  Thanks for your support!

cell (702) 684-9915,  jakeholder@cox.net  

Aristotle, Politics, 325BC, “the right kind of rule is authority exercised in the common interest. The wrong kind is directed to the self-interest of the ruling body.” 




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